Blue Wellbeing Bookings

We currently have two dates available for our Blue Wellbeing course, the first starting on Sunday 21st April and a midweek evening option on Thursday 25th April. If these dates do not show when you go to book it is because they are already full. If this is the case please contact us as if there is enough interest we will try and arrange further dates.

Our Blue Wellbeing programme is an initial 4 week course designed to introduce you gently into the blue water at Taplow Lakeside. We are sure you have heard of how swimming in nature, and particularly colder water), can be beneficial for your health so this is your opportunity to introduce it into your daily life, with all the benefits that will bring.

We provide you with all the information and skills you need not only to be in cold water but to help with the stresses of everyday life by also focusing on mindfulness and breathing techniques.

Join us for a course of 4 fun sessions to help you develop confidence in open water and gain understanding of how to use cold water as part of a holistic health practice for self-care & exercise. (There will be an option for another 4 week follow-on course if you would like to continue the sessions).

The Details

Each session will be about 1 1/2 hours with between 10-30 mins in the water depending on the temperature & activity for each week.

Programmes starts on Sunday 21st April at 11.00am and Thursday 25th April at 6pm, whichever course you book the sessions will be at the same time each week.

All sessions will be based at Taplow Lakeside.

Cost of the 4 week programme is £120

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